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Facebook Group Rules


Dog Connect is for dog owners, trainers, fosters, rescues and other dog professionals and lovers who use force free methods for their dogs. Dog Connect is a local group located in the SF Bay Area (SF, Peninsula, South, East and North Bay). The goal of this group is to be a place where dog owners and dog professionals can ask questions seeking "positive" solutions. If you have training advice that includes methods other than operant conditioning (+R and –P) and classical conditioning you're probably posting your advice in the wrong group.

Education is the key of our group. People who want to learn more about training without force are welcome here. We allow aversive trainers and crossover trainers who are seeking advice and help in crossing over

This group is also open to people crossing over from traditional dog training to positive reinforcement. We welcome EVERYONE who is interested in using training methods that are non-violent and non-confrontational.


Our Position Statement:


RULES: * 3 R's: Respect for self, Respect for others and Responsibility for your actions. We are here to support each other, exchange ideas, and share our love of dogs.


* We have people under 18 in the group who want to learn. Please mind your language. Thank you!

* What happens in the group stays in the group. People discussing the situations will not be discussed outside of the group.

* Join with your personal profile. No business or animal profiles will be able to join.

* We promote force free training and handling methods. Don't like it? No problem. There are plenty of groups that promote aversive methods. Feel free to join those groups! Removal will happen if force methods are continued to be promoted.

* NO advertising of your business! No advertising by posting links to products, businesses, services, other pages, etc. Only admins and approved volunteer sponsors of Dog Connect may post any type of advertisement! Which means no advertising your FB business page for instance.

* NO posting of GoFund me or similar websites seeking funding.

* We do not support commercial website such as, Care. com and other money making websites whose focus is to make money vs provide quality care providers. Since there is no screening we cannot recommend these websites as a source for quality pet care services.

* No surveys.

* We allow recommendations of Shelters & Rescues that are on our referral list.

* We allow one rescue post per person per rescue of rescues that are on our referral list. Local only!

* If your rescue is not on the list but you feel they meet the requirement of being a responsible organization please let us know.

* Non-partial rescue posts are allowed one post per person per week (ex San Jose Animal Advocates)

* No selling of puppies or dogs are allowed. There are other groups that tend to that subject.

* We allow recommendations to responsible breeders. Responsible breeders are hobby or reputable experienced breeders. Their goal is to better the breed, work and belong to breed specific clubs, have knowledge of breeding and the breed, continue their education, sell their dogs with a contract (spay and neuter required), accepts full responsibility for every puppy produced, tests for genetic diseases before breeding, and exposes and prepares the new puppies to their life ahead.

* No posting of graphical images of any kind.

* This group is run and supported by the The Dog Hikers, Smith Dog Training, and Pawdography. The following businesses are allowed to promote their businesses as well: Tailored Dog Training, ARF Tony La Russo’s Animal Rescue Foundation and Ruff N Tuff Dog Walking.


* Become a volunteer or sponsor. We are in the process of writing up volunteer jobs. Contact us for more info! Sponsor info will be available by the end of 2016!


** Those who are disrespectful, aggressive toward other members and/or discuss what goes on here will be removed without force and a simple touch of the "remove" button. ;-)

** Removal of comments: based on one’s perception or opinion that go against facts will be removed. If you “claim” something ensure you have the evidence to back up your comment. We do not notify individuals. Swearing. Comments will be deleted. Do not pm admins or moderators of the group. Discussions can be held on the forum. Pm when disagreeing is automatic removal from the group.

** Removal of person: if a person attacks another member personally you will be removed. Depending on the severity of the attack you may or maynot get a warning. One warning and if it happens again your are out. Name calling and blocking an admin is an automatic removal.


Train on!


*** Dog Connect SF Bay Area promotes the use of force free methods. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way officially connected with Beverly Ulbrich, The Pooch Coach and SF Dog Connect ( or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. See our blog post about why we have the same name. ***

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