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Smith Dog Training 




Our BLOG: Go to our Dog Connect Blog



Reactive Dogs:


CARE for Reactive Dogs




Say NO to shock collars:


Video: Norwegian soccer players using a shock collar: how it affects their body and how much pain comes with it


Video: What training should you choose: motivation by rewarding or the use of punishment by means of shock


New findings on shock collars. Article.



Debunking the Alpha, Pack leader and Dominance myth:


VCA Hospital: Article


Are dogs pack animals? Article


Victoria Stilwell: Article


APBC: Article


Psychology Today: Article


AVSAB: Article




Dog behavior:


Growling: Good or bad? Article



Fun activities for your dogs:


Does your dog disembowel their dog toy? Here is a great way to make a toy without destroying it: Leopold's crate





Dog Food Advisor


Raw Food:


Holisitic and Organix Pet Food Advisory


Healthy Treats: Wet Noses




My Dog is lost. What do I do?


Tips by Missing Pet Partnership

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