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My dog is lost! What do I do?


Step 1: 

Check the shelter that provides service to your area. For your convenience we have provided direct links to the lost and found section of the various shelters in your area at the bottom of this page. Please view the photos of the animals at that shelter, then call the shelter and make a lost report, then go down there in person. Visiting in person is critical as miscommunication can easily happen over the phone or internet; your "Lab mix" may be listed as a "Pit Bull mix" and the blurry photo may resemble a "Border Collie mix." Shelter staff and volunteers will cross-reference lost and found reports and do their best to make matches, but don't rely on that either.


Step 2:

If your pet is micro-chipped, call the chip company and make sure that it is registered and that the contact information is current. Do not assume that the vet, breeder, or shelter that implanted the chip has registered it for you. Do not assume that someone in your family updated the info when you moved or changed your phone number. Four out of five micro-chipped pets coming into the shelter have chips which are not registered or are registered with old, useless information.


Step 3: 

Make signs with pictures and post them all around your neighborhood. Often well-meaning people assume that pets without ID tags have been abandoned, and will take them into their home. Posters in various bright colors work the best.


Step 4: 

Post internet lost pet ads with photos.Craig's List is a very popular site and a good place to start.You can post on many other sites such as Petfinder, Pet Harbor or a Next Door Neighbor.


Step 5: 

Here are the names, contact info, and jurisdictions of all the shelters. Pets can wander very far or be transported by well-meaning people who found them, so it’s best to check all the shelters if you can, but at least check the one for your city. 


Seach for your shelter.



San Francisco Shelters: 


North Bay Shelters:


Peninsula Shelters:


East Bay Shelters:


South Bay Shelters: 


Palo Alto Animal Services

3281 E. Bayshore,

Palo Alto , CA 94303

(650) 496-5971

Palo Alto , Los Altos , Los Altos Hills, 


Lost Cats

Lost Dogs


Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV)

2530 Lafayette St.

Santa Clara , CA 95051

(408) 727-3383


Website: HSSV


Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA)

2324 Walsh Ave.,

Santa Clara , CA 95051

(408) 764-0344

Santa Clara , Monte Sereno, Campbell and Mountain View

Website: SVACA


Lost Cats

Lost Dogs


San Jose Animal Care & Services

2750 Monterey Rd.

San Jose , CA 95111

(408) 578-7297

San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Saratoga 


Lost Cats

Lost Dogs


Morgan Hill Police Department

(408) 779-2101


Gilroy Police Department

(408) 846-0350


Holister Animal Shelter

West end of South Street / 375 Fifth Street

Hollister, CA 95023

(831) 636-4320


Santa Clara County Animal Care & Control

12370 Murphy Ave.

San Martin , CA 95046

(408) 686-3900

All unincorporated areas of the county.

Website: SCC Shelter


Lost Cats

Lost Dogs

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