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This list was made possible by the following businesses:


Smith Dog Training 


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Rescues & Shelters


Here is an overview of rescues and shelters that promote force free training and handling techniques.



East Bay


Love & Second Chances


Berkeley Humane


East Bay SPCA

Valley Humane Society



South Bay


Humane Society of Silicon Valley



San Francisco

SF Animal Care & Control



Family Dog Rescue

Welcome Home Sanctuary




Peninsula Humane Society

North Bay


Petaluma Animal Services


Marin Humane

Sonoma Humane Society



Unidos Para Los Animales


Our referral list:

To be added to our list the rescue or shelter needs to commit to humane handling and training techniques otherwise known under the following terms: positive reinforcement, reward-based, scientific modern, force-free, fear-free, aversive-free dog training. Rescues that promote inhumane training methods known as traditional or balanced training techniques will not be permitted. We fight for the humane treatment of dogs and any animal before, during and after an adoption. Our philosophy is: a dog that is saved from one life sentence should not be facing the next because of poor choices made by humans. 

Our referral list is free of charge. We have the right to deny any applications to our referral list. 

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